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Digital technology is central to our lives. Digital problems often require a ditto solution. However, it is not only technology that contributes to this solution. All my working life I have been intrigued by another side of the solution: the human side. Within technology, ranging from gaming to e-learning to web development, I have been concerned with matters ranging from usability to project management to strategy. Always focused on the process, the organization and the end-user. I am proud to be a tech-head - with a human heart.

Bas van Haren-Suarez

My name is Bas van Haren-Suarez, but please, do call me Bas. I have been in existence for

Work & Education

  • Based in The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Currently Scrum Master at RailCube
  • Formerly Scrum Master & Project Manager at Flink
  • Formerly Digital Strategy & Digital Producer at WUBBE/Fox on the Run
  • Formerly Senior Project Manager at MAD multimedia
  • Former chairman at Genius, Dutch network of LGBT+ professionals
  • Experienced digital producer and digital project manager
  • Educated in user-centered design, usability and educational technology
  • Years of professional experience in applied gaming and gamification
  • Experienced speaker (speeches, guest lectures, TEDx, symposia, workshops, master classes, pecha kucha's, officiating weddings)
  • I love to write blogs, reviews and columns (check some work here)


  • Scrum Master (RailCube, 2022 - now)
  • Scrum Master and Project Manager (Flink, 2019 - 2022)
  • Digital Strategy and Digital Producer (WUBBE/Fox on the Run, 2013 - 2019)
  • Freelance digital consultant (KINGMAKER, -previously known as Plus Ultra Consultancy-, 2014 - 2019)
  • Guest lecturer, moderator, presenter (various, 2006 - now)
  • (Senior) Project manager (MAD multimedia, 2006 - 2013)


  • Founder and leader of an MMORPG guild in Final Fantasy XIV (M.E.G.A., 2018 - 2021)
  • Chairman (Genius LGBT+ professionals network, 2016 - 2019)
  • Organisation of charity event 'Genius Open 2015' (Genius LGBT+ professionals network, 2015)
  • Board member, chairman of communication (Genius LGBT+ professionals network, 2015 - 2016)
  • Freelance video game reviewer (Game&Co, 2013)
  • Blogger Creative (Adformatie, 2013 - 2015)
  • Founder Taskforce Diversity (Genius LGBT+ professionals network, 2013)


  • Professional Scrum Master II (, 2021)
  • Professional Scrum Master I (, 2019)
  • Premaster Educational Science and Technology (University of Twente, 2010 - 2012)
  • Bachelor Human Technology (Hanze University of Applied Sciences, 2002 - 2006)

Focus on

Scrum mastership and agile coaching, systems thinking and problem solving, project- and team leadership, digital strategy/consultancy, public speaking

If you would like more information, please contact me and I will gladly supply you with all the information you need. In the meantime you can check out my LinkedIn profile.


  • Chief researcher and project manager of the first e-learning gaming platform in Dutch healthcare (Gaming in de Zorg, 2006)
  • Became project manager at MAD multimedia and in this function worked for a variety of projects for clients, such as: ANWB, Sanoma, Nationale Postcode Loterij, VRT, Ketnet, Telegraaf and Noordhoff Uitgevers (MAD multimedia, 2006-2013)
  • Guest lecturer at various schools and institutes (IMC Weekendschool, Alfa College, Hanze UAS, University of Twente: from 2007)
  • Conceptual creator of the popular viral internet-hit "Binnenhof Battle" (2010, 2012)
  • Project leader and co-designer of the addictive OCTOPUZZLE™ game (2012)
  • Operational project leader of the team behind the multiple award-winning Wii-game for blind and sighted children (The Explorer and the Mystery of the Diamond Scarab, 2012)
  • Speaker at TEDxHanzeUniversity ("The Power of Play", 2012)
  • Moderator/presenter at Indie Gameleon 2013, the first Northern Dutch game event/game jam
  • Became digital producer, strategist and blogger at WUBBE and Fox on the Run and in this function worked for a variety of projects for clients, such as: Colgate-Palmolive, Fleurop, Verstegen, Bram Ladage and Vemedia (Fox on the Run, 2013 - 2015)
  • Blogger for (2014)
  • Member of the board and chief communication at Genius, a network organization for LGBT+ professionals (2015 - 2019)
    • Responsible for the new website, proposition and corporate identity
  • Part of the organizing team of 'Genius Open 2015', a charity and recruitment event (2015)
  • Started as Digital Strategy and Operations Director at digital agency Fox on the Run and Wubbe (2015 - 2019)
    • Digital Strategy for various Fleurop campaigns (2015 - 2019)
    • Digital Strategy for "De Echte Notaris" (2018/2019)
  • Named chairman at Genius, a network organization for LGBT+ professionals (2016 - 2019)
  • A personal highlight: I officiated a wedding! (2017)
  • Founder and leader of M.E.G.A., a MMORPG guild in Final Fantasy XIV on the Omega server (2018 - 2021)
  • Started as Scrum Master and Project Manager at Flink (2019)
  • Certified as Professional Scrum Master I (, 2019)
  • Certified as Professional Scrum Master II (, 2021)
  • Started the Kingmaker blog, in which I share my findings and (mis)adventures as a Scrum master and Agile professional(2022)
  • Started as Scrum Master at RailCube (2022)
  • A personal highlight: I facilitated a nomination and presentation of a Royal Dutch honor (2023)

About me

After a lengthy career (15+ years) in digital project management, having worked for numerous high profile clients and projects, I have found a new passion in which I can utilize my coaching, interpersonal and change agent skills. The last three years I have thrived and flourished as a Scrum Master, and applying agile principles and Scrum Mastery in various companies.

I am humbled by the path on which my life has taken me. I have had the pleasure to work with people in many walks of life, fields of work, educations and professions. I am equally well off with talking one-on-one to IT experts as to standing in the spotlight in front of a large room full of executives.

Being born and raised in the north of the Netherlands I naturally came to embrace the value of pragmatism and the notion that actions speak louder than words. I mix those traits with the typical heartiness and politeness found in Dutch East Indies culture. I am someone of few words with large impacts.

I can be classified as an ESFP (Myers-Briggs). I am a performer and entertainer at heart. People I have worked with over the years describe me as a 'catalyst'. Conveying and appealing to the passion of people, transforming it into positive energy to get things done. I enjoy positive people and completing tasks with maximum fun and minimum discord. I believe in continuing personal development and facilitating optimal 'flow' for myself and others in order to facilitate strong self-efficacy. Positive interpersonal interactions are of utmost importance to me and therefore I often play the role of peacemaker. I am a keen observer of human behavior; I sense what is happening with other people and respond to their individual needs.

So, what makes me tick? Many things make me happy, such as advanced home cuisine, vintage advertising, arts and architecture, gaming, history and interacting with passionate people. I have a heart for everything digital. I embrace liberalism, humanism, transhumanism and science. I have a guilty pleasure for idealistic and government communication. Truth be told, I have one very specific pet peeve: people who do not use salutations in e-mail.

Speaking about my kind of happiness: the great Alfred Hitchcock's definition of happiness [video] is a perfect description. Yes to constructive and creative atmospheres. No to negativity.


Of course I would love to keep in touch. Contact me on LinkedIn or send me an e-mail through the button below.

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